Bathrooms are normally highly transited places in a house. With so much foot traffic, bathrooms can get worn out and dirty faster than other areas in your property. You may have the desire to renovate your bathroom but delay it due to the price. If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade and brighten up your bathroom without having to pay the expense of taking on an expensive bathroom remodeling project, turn to NuFinishPro of Carlsbad. We are your local surface refinishing company specializing in bathrooms. Our bathtub refinishing services in Vista, CA, ameliorate the facade and aesthetic of your bathroom and boost its practicality.

Once the only solution to rust and water stains was removing the offending component and replacing it with a new one. Luckily, NuFinishPro is an outstanding alternative to expensive bathtub substitutions. Our trained and qualified surface resurfacing technicians perform exquisite bathtub refinishes, revamp your bathroom and raise the value of your property. Our chemical cleaning procedures rid the surfaces of your bathtubs of stains caused by rust, mildew, and other elements, as well as removing calcium buildup. Trust NuFinishPro in the Vista, CA, region to freshen up and upgrade your bathroom with help from our bathtub refinishing contractors.

Affordable Bathtub Upgrades

Since bathrooms are smaller areas in your property, minimal attention goes a long way as far as enhancements. Your bathtub is going to age and exhibit indications of wear. Scrubbing showers, bathtubs and tile with powerful chemicals may clean the surface and wipe out germs; however, it does nothing to remove stains that accumulate over time. As you determine it is time to do something about your bathroom, we welcome you to learn more about our method at NuFinishPro. Our bathtub refinishing contractors provide a range of services that will restore your bathtub and improve the property value of your home affordably.

In addition to being budget-smart, our approach is environmentally conscious too. Home enhancements flood the country’s landfills with discarded materials. NuFinishPro uses environmentally friendly products and we reduce the amount of waste thrown away. We are cognizant of diminishing our carbon footprint, so the textiles and solvents we use in bathtub surface refinishing are eco-friendly.

Look to NuFinishPro of Carlsbad for the following services in Vista, CA:

  • Restoring bathtub
  • Re-glaze tub surface
  • Fix and touch up tub area
  • Repair tile work surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pans
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Add drain liners to tubs and showers
  • Apply non-skid traction
  • Utilizes eco-friendly construction strategies

Contact Us for Bathtub Surface Refinishing

For the past 31 years, NuFinishPro has offered exceptional bathtub refinishing services. Your local team in Vista, CA, has the training and prowess to upgrade the look of your bathtub. Our deliberate and adept workers are trained, insured, and have passed painstaking background checks. NuFinishPro of Carlsbad invites you to call our office in Vista today to find out more about our bathtub refinishing and receive a no-obligation estimate.

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