You can count on our skillful contractors to beautify your shower and make it look great again. The experienced staff at NuFinishPro of Encinitas, CA is dedicated to offering our clients the best in shower refinishing services. We can enhance your bathroom with a beautifully done shower tile refinishing project to repair discolored tiles and repair deteriorated grouting. Or, we can perform shower tub refinishing work to make it a pristine and effective space that could increase your value. Attain luxury and comfort for your shower or tub in Encinitas, CA, with the help of our shower refinishing services.

What We Do - Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing Projects

Shower refinishing work does wonders for scratched tiles or worn-out anti-slip coating. If your shower seems a bit dingy, don’t hesitate to get an expert over to mitigate the problem. We work earnestly to offer you excellent services that you will be satisfied with. The shower refinishing services offered by NuFinishPro of Carlsbad are unmatched since we carry out our tasks with care and special attention to detail.

These are some of the services our shower refinishing contractors can make for your home in Encinitas, CA:

  • Re-glazing glass shower doors
  • Shower tile re-glaze
  • Resurfacing fiberglass shower pan
  • Shower tub refinishing
  • Refinish bathroom shower
  • Fix and touch up shower stall
  • Chemically clean shower pan
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to shower walls
  • Add drain liners to shower stall
  • Create non-skid floors
  • Utilize eco-friendly construction

Our shower refinishing team near Encinitas knows the importance of having eco-friendly initiatives. We use green products and provide eco-friendly techniques in order to prevent more waste in the landfills that are overflown. We’re careful about reducing our carbon footprint and cutting down on our contribution to a contaminated environment. When you pick NuFinishPro’s shower refinishing services, you can be sure we’re considering these things and doing our part to cut back contamination.

Shower refinishing service

Satisfaction for Our Clients is What NuFinishPro is All About

Our shower tile refinishing company in Encinitas, CA, will aid you in repairing various shower components. From tiles and grouting to shower pans that need fixing, our reliable technicians will manage any task. We have served the community for 31 years and counting. We carry out high-quality shower refinishing methods that boosts aesthetic appearance and practicality. Contact our contractors for shower refinishing work near you.

Call the Specialists at NuFinishPro for Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing

Those residing in Encinitas, CA can count on our service contractors to carry out high-quality shower refinishing services. At NuFinishPro, we will accomplish tub resurfacing and shower tile refinishing to enhance your bathroom’s safety and comfort. With such a large selection, we know you’ll have the shower you’ve been thinking of. Call NuFinishPro of Carlsbad at (760) 591-7430 to receive a free estimate.

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