NuFinishPro can repair and touch up your shower with precision by using modern materials and state-of-the-art equipment. NuFinishPro is a shower refinishing company offering residential properties of Carlsbad, CA, first-rate services. Our licensed contractors can handle every part of your shower refinishing job, from fixing a shower pan and resurfacing a tub to re-glazing the glass of a shower door. This means any chips, fractures or dings can be fixed to make it more pleasing to the eye and make it safe with non-skid floors as well. If you want to increase the value of your residence and enjoy a beautiful new shower, contact our team for shower refinishing services.

NuFinishPro’s High-Quality Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing Services

As bathrooms are one of the rooms with a lot of foot traffic in the home, over time, they will start to look dingy. Cleaning can only do so much to remove stains and discoloration. Furthermore, cleaning cannot repair chips, cracks or scratches. NuFinishPro can improve what cleaning cannot, it can quickly repair and revitalize your shower and bathtub surfaces, doing wonders for your entire house. We apply a safe floor with skid-proof and drain liner to the shower, ensuring a more secure, more usable stall. Our team will refinish and re-glaze the surfaces of your bathroom, elevating the entire feel of your residence in Carlsbad, CA.

Shower tub and tile refinishing services are an eco-friendly alternative to house improvements. Refinishing decreases waste and excess spending, and it lets you use what you already have. By removing the need for buying new fixtures, NuFinishPro resurfacing opens up the opportunity to upgrade your Carlsbad, CA, home without exceeding budget constraints. The construction industry is responsible for about half of the garbage in landfills. Environmentally compatible components and methods are essential for any homeowner conscious of making their home eco-friendly. NuFinishPro uses green materials as well as environmentally-safe methods created to reduce waste and provide you with a beautiful, new surface.

Shower refinishing service

Why Choose Our Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing Services?

Our shower tub refinishing company can help you repair all your shower parts. From tiles and grouting to shower pans that need fixing, our skilled technicians can handle any project. We have been involved in the region for over 31 years. We provide high-quality shower refinishing techniques that enhance aesthetic appearance and practicality. Call our Carlsbad service professionals for shower tile refinishing services near you.

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NuFinishPro delivers high-quality tub and shower resurfacing services throughout the Carlsbad, CA area. By calling (760) 591-7430, we will provide a free estimate or schedule an on-site visit of our services. Please don’t hesitate, let us enhance your bathroom today.

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